No need to be embarrassed

Asif croppedMy name is Asif Muneer and I am a consultant Andrologist and urological surgeon. My special expertise is in treating problems of the male reproductive and urinary systems.

Whilst that may sound very technical and, frankly, uninstersting, what it means in practice is that I have a great deal of experience in treating patients with male infertility, Peyronies disease (bending of the penis) erectile dysfunction or groin pain.

Over the years I have successfully treated many thousands of patients with these conditions, and if you have any of these problems there is a very good chance I can help you too.

So don’t be embarrassed. Look through this website and I will talk in a little more detail about each of these conditions.

And when you have decided that you no longer wish to suffer in silence, pick up the phone.

I will be delighted to see you.

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